Email Draft Duplicator





Email Draft Duplicator is here to help you duplicate your gmail drafts fast and easy. No technical skills required.


If you want to make copies of email drafts, this Gmail add-on is your companion.


Email Draft Duplicator focuses on simplicity. You first select the number of email drafts you want to duplicate. Then for each draft you select the number of duplicates to make. The process is really easy and straightforward.


Regardless of if you are an email marketer, HR recruiter, salesperson, college student, job seeker, or anyone in general, this add-on is aimed to be easy to use.




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- Step by step guidance while using the add-on


- Select the drafts that you want to duplicate


- Duplicate up to 10 copies per draft at a time






- No ads


- No subscriptions


- No tracking


- No data sharing with anyone




Privacy Policy


Email Draft Duplicator will only use Gmail access to read and compose emails for the purpose of duplicating email drafts. Reading emails will be limited to drafts that you select. Composing emails will only be done to make copies of emails drafts you choose to duplicate.


Email Draft Duplicator's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use Requirements.




Terms of Service


Use Email Draft Duplicator responsibly. The creators of this Gmail add-on shall not be liable for what you do with this add-on. Keep in mind that Google has a daily cap on the number of emails you can send. Refrain from using this email to spam people since people may mark you as spam which hurts your email reputation.